The heart of the mountain:


The region of Corte offers an exceptional ballad not to be missed:

the lakes area!

The Melo lake (height: 1711m) and the Capitello lake (height: 1930m) are accessible within two hours of hike!


You can also discover more difficult hikes in the region, with parts of the GR20 for example, or pleasant walks along the rivers.


Furthermore, the region offers other sportive activities such as climbing, horse riding or mountain biking, depending on your desires.

Picture of the Melo (or melu) lake in the restonica valley in Corte



The heart of history:


Capital of the independant Corsica under Pascal Paoli, Corte was an important political site.


You can visit it's old town ans it's unique citadel inside the lands.


It's Anthropological museum will make you discover the Corsican traditions in an original way, with it's fascinating temporary exhibition.

the museum of corsica
Picture of the Anthropological Museum of Corsica in Corte



The heart of the rivers:


The center of Corsica is endowed with numerous streams and rivers with matchless beauty.


At Corte, you can enjoy the limpid waters of the Restonica valley. 14km of a wonderfull breathtaking river, with natural pools where you can swim, in the middle of the forest.


Also Canyoning and rafting activities will be proposed to you.

whitewater sports:
Picture of persons kayaking in the river
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